Auckland City

Auckland. Emotion Beyond Colour.

A photographic journey in the early and late hours of the day.

“Auckland. Emotion Beyond Colour” is a photographic project undertaken as part of Diploma in Digital Photography, DDP231. It comprises of 32 images, displayed on the page “Gallery”.
It is the portfolio theme of photographer Jon Sav. It highlights the duality of Auckland – nature in all its greatness and then the man-made disturbance on nature, which has its beauty and sense of accomplishment. On one hand, we have breath-taking scenery, black- sanded, wild beaches in West or the impressive wharfs and gold sanded beaches on East Coast Bays. On the other hand, Auckland means engineering, Harbour Bridge, Sky Tower, impressive dams, Wynyard Quarter or Silo Park.

The project aims to showcase the facets of Auckland – the beautiful volcanic landscape and the accomplishments of its inhabitants. The two aspects complement each other.The purpose is to take images at dawn and dusk to showcase the astonishing palette of colours. It is enhancing and highlighting familiar places, bringing up new meanings. It conveys emotion and makes familiar look new. Auckland means the greater Auckland area – from Warkworth and Waitakere Rangers to Manukau Heads, Beachlands or Maraetai


“Auckland. Emotion Beyond Colour” showcases photos of iconic Auckland’s natural and man – built amazing places and present them at “magic hour”.


The portfolio conveys to a wide audience. It fore-mostly addresses those who believe Auckland equals traffic, motorway queues & pollution. It also aims to showcase those beautiful places  surroundings us, we just need to take the time to discover them. There were no models used. All locations were on public land and none of the areas chosen for shooting required access through private property.

This project was run with commitment to H&S policies as expressed by New Zealand law and Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. A task analysis was conducted before each photo shooting session to ensure the hazards were identified and appropriate measures were taken.